You guys are too soft. Name and shame!

Don’t extend professional courtesy to unprofessional companies. If you’re ghosted after a promising interview, don’t hesitate to share your experience right here in the post. If a company disrespects your time by misleading you or withholding important information, let the community know.

I’m not suggesting that you reveal the first and last names of individuals, but we should be informed about companies engaging in questionable practices. Shady companies shouldn’t receive a continuous stream of applicants. If a recruiter, who is drawing a salary, can’t even secure an interview with a candidate, they shouldn’t retain their job. There’s nothing unethical about this, as they act as gatekeepers to employment opportunities. Besides, we all aspire to work for ethical companies with suitable jobs, so this only affects those who deserve it.

If you share your experience and it turns out the recruiter did nothing wrong, the community can see that and provide constructive feedback. I’ve seen several posts where comments indicated that the original poster could have handled the situation better, and that’s valuable as well.

We can’t rely on Glassdoor. They often delete reviews, provide dubious reasons for “verification failures,” change negative reviews to positive ones, or find other ways to stifle your voice.

It’s 2023, and we have the internet. We’re all here for the same reason. When you create a post, there’s no need to withhold the company’s name. Don’t be afraid to expose a company for its unprofessional behavior. It’s akin to discovering a dangerous hole while jogging on a nature trail and covering it with leaves to prevent others from getting hurt. That’s disrespectful.


Cisco Webex and Byte both had at least one phone interview and then ghosted. I sent follow-up emails with no responses to either.

They did the old, “Awesome send me your resume and cover letter and I’ll get back to you.” Total waste of time.

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Lol, entirely too common. I trust you aren’t scared of a 300 million dollar defamation suit from those companies as some users are saying you should be.

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Lol right? I’d assume to be defamed it needs to be untrue, I have the email chain as proof that they never responded!

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And frankly, the nerve it would take for a company to file a lawsuit instead of saying “we have moved on with another candidate” is just not realistic. At that point, please sue me. I could use the excitement

I think the issue is the cost of fighting said suit

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A motion to dismiss is cheap and you can submit it yourself if you want.

These companies will never pursue any of this because it’s too much time and money to go after peanuts with a case so paper-thin it’ll fall apart the second a judge takes a look at it.

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Email chain is not necessarily a proof they never responded though. They can claim that they told you over the phone, etc.

Also, who are you trying to prove it to?

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I have no idea. All of this is hypothetical

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The best defense against a defamation suit is not having lied. Defamation is completely bunked without there being any untrue statements.

Not a lawyer, but might be considered a SLAPP suit as well

this one hurts I like that place

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I was contacted right after I applied with Porsche NA. Had a great call with recruiting and she did everything she said she would. Completed the video interview, and then NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!!! All the time I spent on their website configuring my company car was wasted!

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