Working for the government

Are there really jobs like this where you sit at a computer and actually have no responsibilities, no workload, no one to report to, etc…?

When I worked at Dell, I had a 3 month period where I sat in a conference room and played for 8 hours a day because the job that was assigned to me required another team to complete certain objectives before I could do my work and they never completed them. I asked multiple times if there was something else I could do but was told that i needed to stay in there because they would get it done in a few hours.
3 months. At $15 an hour. Doing nothing. Last month of the contract I finally got to work a little, but because the previous team screwed it all up, I had to keep returning stuff saying it was missing data. They ended up having an entire other team come in to do all of it.

I’m great at doing nothing, do you think you could email the resume I don’t have to your old managers?

He’ll say he’ll do it but he’ll do nothing about it… and blame it on you for not delivering your part. No doubt he’ll claim it’s required.

I would try to write a meaningful response to your comment, but I feel it would only do damage to my resume.

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I work for the government. My job is to answer the phones for our legislators, and help anyone who calls with anything even remotely possible.

Surprisingly, few people call our representatives for any reason. In fact, most of the calls are to yell at me, or demand me to do something I cannot do (such as overturn Roe v. Wade, or get a landlord to evict someone’s neighbor because he looks at him funny).

I’d truly like to help people navigate our clusterfuck of a government, but nobody ever calls. So Netflix, reddit, and sleeping it is.