Who here has an interesting job and can offer advice on how to land a similar position?

I’ve had a couple of fascinating jobs, one as a clerk at a small bookstore, which was cool in many ways, and my current role as a volunteer radio DJ.

For the bookstore position: Become a regular customer, build relationships with the owner and staff, and spend as much time there as you can. In a place like that, it’s easy to hang out for hours, explore, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

For the radio station gig: Simply find a local NPR or college station that features live DJs and submit an application. Sometimes, DJ roles might seem intimidating, but getting the job can be more accessible than you think.

Express interest. Express interest. Demonstrate abilities. Express interest. Express interest.

Demonstrate value. Engage physically. Nurture dependence. Neglect emotionally. Inspire hope. Separate entirely.

Move in After Completion.

So then, I drop a Magnum condom to let her know about my magnum dong.

Only after you introduce yourself as Mantis Toboggin.