What types of jobs are currently available for hiring?

I’ve been actively applying for jobs for the past half-year without any success in securing an interview. My background primarily revolves around administrative roles, including professional development, administrative assistant positions, and executive assistant roles within both retail and law firms. It’s quite surprising to me that these essential job opportunities have been so elusive. Even recruiters have expressed difficulty in finding suitable positions in my skill set. If anyone has information about job openings in this field, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m currently located in New York, by the way.

A very weary job seeker :frowning:


Political campaigns all over the nation are currently expanding their teams for the upcoming 2024 election cycle. If you possess experience in professional development and administrative roles, consider applying for campaign organizing or operations positions.

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Do they have parttime ones? I haven’t seen anything for them

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Likely they are part time by the definition of the election.

Just a heads up,
The healthcare sector began experiencing a significant departure of professionals even before the pandemic. When the pandemic struck, it accelerated this trend, resulting in healthcare facilities being severely understaffed and lacking proper training.
If you decide to pursue a career in healthcare, be prepared for the current situation, which involves overwhelming workloads and an excessive number of patients to care for.

thanks for the heads up!
truthfully, i am just tired of being unemployed so i’ll take what i can get

Diesel mechanics are in dire demand in my area.

There is a pressing demand for technical and skilled trade positions in various locations.