What should you do when faced with an interview question you can't answer?

In my second interview with a specific company, I noticed that their interviews are heavily focused on technical questions. I’ve made thorough preparations, accumulating questions related to the job description that I plan to practice.

However, I’m concerned about the possibility of encountering a technical question I can’t answer. Is there a more suitable response than simply saying, “I don’t know”? Additionally, how should I handle it if they ask a behavioral question I find challenging? I want to ensure that I come across as competent and professional this time around. :smile:

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Had this happened to me? They asked me to show them how I would do something, and I blanked. I started narrating what I’d try to do and where I was getting stuck and asked if they could point out what I was missing. They let me know I was on the right track, pointed out where I was wrong, and I was back in business. I got the job.
My now boss told me they really liked that I knew how and when to ask for help. I like working for a company that will so clearly help me out when I’m lost.

Maybe ask them to clarify the question more or for an example of what they mean

Are you bringing notes in for the behavioral questions?
Being honest goes further than making stuff up. No one has seen everything and admitting it, but saying that if that challenge was given to you that you would figure it out, goes further than whipping up an answer.
Be prepared for them to ask you how you go about doing that.

For technical questions, it’s totally fine to say you don’t know, but say you’re always willing to learn new things. For behavioral, I’d say that’s the one that needs an answer, look up commonly asked behavioral questions so you can get a feel for them