What is THE best question to ask on a job interview?

Hello, everyone.

Just seeking a piece of advice on what is the best question to ask in an interview.


One that has always gone over well for me:
“What were some qualities that the previous employee in this role brought to the job that you would like to see carried forward?”

Another good thing to do is research the company you are interviewing with and you can ask things about what they may be involved in or you could drop that while reading about the company, you wondered this.


100% do your research. You should know as much as you can about the company. But I still have questions bc people love talking.

Yes yes yes. It really does mean something to your interviewers and shows your interest in being a part of that company.

Yes! Ask a question that demonstrates you have done research into that company. Also ask about what the company expects from you.

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I swear I got my current job because the hiring manager just talked and talked and talked, didn’t listen to my answers properly, and subconsciously liked me most because people often rate conversations higher when they speak more.

If he’d actually listened, he’d have known that I wasn’t right for the position because they way I prefer to work and the way he/the company work are completely opposite. I’ve realised this and will be leaving soon.

Anyway, yes, people love talking - especially about themselves.

It is a delicate balance and takes a little conversation skill, but allowing them to talk more is a very powerful technique. It also works well in performance reviews, on dates, and just generally in life. People like enthusiastic, engaged people who listen. I do not do this calculatingly; I am just like that, but I have noticed the benefit and tuned it to my advantage. Expressly, I slightly turn down how much I talk to allow more space for the other person to talk.

Absolutely. Having hired people before, nothing sets a candidate apart like having done research. You assume everyone has the basic skillset for the job, so then you pick the person who is the most engaged. You seem them as being the most successful in the role.