Towards the end of a job interview, when given the opportunity

What is a suitable question for the candidate to pose?

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Ask them for a brief summary of their time with the company. Favorite aspects, challenges, overall experience of working there.

You’ll be surprised how well received it is. Shows that you are interested, but also that you still have a decision to make. Plus people like talking about themselves.

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Ask what they liked about working for the company.

When I finally got to use it the guy chuckled, then sighed, and said “Uh, that’s a good question.” I didn’t get offered the job in the end but I wouldn’t have taken it based on his response.

After a whole set of interviews at one company, I got to ask the last interviewer some questions. He had been very open and personal up to that point, so so asked, “How’s the work/life balance at the company?” He said, “Well, they expect a lot of hours. And some weekends. Most weekends, actually. Come to think of it, I had one free weekend this year.”

The interview was in late December. Also thought it was interesting that he referred to the company as “them” instead of “we”.

We ended up talking for a while and he eventually advised me not to take the job if they offered it to me.

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That’s the kind of detail I would have missed.

He seems very friendly especially when advising you not to work there…

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Turns out the company is great. He is the problem and they were trying to hire his replacement.