This has been among the most unpleasant interview experiences I've encountered thus far

The job hiring process was disorganized and frustrating. There was no clear job description, and the initial email had several typos. During the first interview, they did not reveal the salary range and only mentioned that HR would discuss it. They scheduled a second interview without asking about my availability, and then HR contacted me on Friday at the end of the day to inform me that the salary was 15k below market value and that remote work was not an option. Despite having more experience than necessary for the job, they were inflexible. Additionally, during the interview, they referred to themselves as a family multiple times and emphasized the importance of their employees. However, their actions did not reflect these words.


Why would you waste your time going to an interview with no formal job description???

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Interview experience. I know not every job I interview for I will want, but I enjoy getting more experience interviewing so that I get better at it.


It’s hardly valuable interview experience if you don’t know what you’re interviewing for though as you can’t prepare for expected questions.

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