Team meeting facilitator

Hi everyone, I’ve been tasked with being the facilitator for an upcoming team meeting, and I’m feeling quite apprehensive as I’ve never done this before. I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to prepare for the meeting, conduct it effectively, manage the timing, and bring it to a successful conclusion.

We’ll have a total of 25 participants, and the plan is to divide them into groups of 5 to discuss various topics. My role will involve moving between these groups to ensure everyone remains on task and comprehends their assignments. Additionally, I’ll be responsible for leading feedback discussions on each topic and recording notes and feedback on a flipchart.


What is the purpose of the meeting? Is it meant for strategizing, fostering team cohesion, or addressing and resolving issues?

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They aim to redefine the responsibilities and anticipated contributions of each team member in their department. Their goal is to facilitate a constructive session where everyone gets an opportunity to provide their input.


Gotcha. Certainly, I conduct quarterly strategy sessions with a similar structure. Below is a rough agenda; the duration may depend on your expectations. For a full-day session, consider incorporating an icebreaker activity. During breakout sessions, it’s beneficial to circulate and engage with different groups, addressing any obstacles or sharing breakthroughs as needed.

  1. Collaborate with your manager to finalize the agenda no earlier than one week before the meeting, but no later than two days before.
  2. Introduction (2-5 minutes)
    • Outline the meeting’s purpose
  • Review the agenda
  1. Transition (10-15 minutes)
    • Each participant shares:
    • Personal and professional highlights from the past 90 days
    • Areas of success and challenges within their teams
    • Express expectations for the day (record responses)
  1. Breakout Sessions
    • Clearly define expectations and deliverables for each team, such as revised job descriptions and role expectations. These will be presented to the larger group later.
  • Managers should specify their team’s responsibilities and tasks.
  • Managers should discuss job descriptions with their entire team.
  • Managers facilitate discussions on role and responsibility changes within their teams.
  1. Presentations from Teams/Managers
    • Teams and managers present their findings and proposed changes to the larger group.
  2. Second Breakout Session
    • Review and adjust the work based on group feedback and insights.
  3. Second Round of Team/Manager Presentations
  4. Closing
    • Recap the meeting and its outcomes.
  • Participants answer the following:
    • Were their expectations met?
    • Rate the meeting on a scale of 1-10 (Last opportunity for feedback).

Feel free to customize the agenda to suit your needs and ensure a productive and engaging session.


This is a massive help thank you.