Slightly unrelated, but I'm curious:

What are the best day jobs you’ve had that have paired well with your music ambitions?


I found the worst: A music studio owner.

Curious as to why. Does spending your day working on other people’s music make your own personal projects less enticing? Do you offer mixing and mastering services, or are you primarily focused on recording?

Good question. I had no idea until I was responsible for everything that goes on in the studio, from recording to mastering. Basically, it’s way too much input. My brain gets fried from long recording mixing in mastering sessions. I get other clients sometimes shitty music stuck in loops in my head.

Lol, it’s quite annoying to have subpar independent music playing in your head. I encountered a similar issue during my session work days.

Drain Bramage, lol. :laughing:

The most valuable info from my professor was how you would sometimes hate the song you’re working on.

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Yeah, there’s something to that. But whether or not it’s a good song is still a factor. I’m okay with having good songs I’m working on stuck in my head.

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It was technically music.

There was this local folk singer chick who opened for my blues band for a few years when we were playing out pretty aggressively.
I still have most of her songs memorized, lol.

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