Never say: "That's not my job"

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Instead say “that’s above my pay grade”

This. It’s not ‘That’s not my job’, it’s ‘I lack the necessary expertise’.

They’ll try to clap back with “you’re just not asking the right people then.”
These people who put up these monstrosity slogans and saying always will try to put the blame on you first, never their lack of actually managing and teaching.

Correct them, “YOU are not asking the right people. You’re asking me instead.”

“Oh sir please sir, I’m not sure what the right approach should be. I want to be a team player but need your wisdom and guidance” every ten minutes.

There’s a reason it’s “that’s above my pay grade” and not “I lack the necessary expertise.” You may be able to do extra, but you usually shouldn’t without a pay raise.

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I tried that and got told I make more than the person I’m helping.

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Well, sounds like it’s above their pay grade as well.

Boss be making limbo bars with pay grades