My Experience in an American Company

Hey everyone, my name is Floryn, and I wanted to share a review of a company:

Recently, I interviewed with an American company and experienced the daily challenges encountered in the workplace. The company attempted to outsource its technical team to Eastern Europe but employed the same techniques used in the US.

As a software developer based in Eastern Europe, I was looking for weekend or freelance work and connected with a recruiter on LinkedIn who arranged an interview with Company X.

However, the company took issue with my experience working with multiple clients and demanded that I not take on any additional work while employed. I declined their offer since their salary was insufficient to compensate for this requirement. It’s unfortunate that employees are often subjected to such demands, and I sympathize with American workers who face similar conditions.

If you’re going to ask me if I recommend working with this company? It depends on your personal situation and what you value most.


I am using that line. “I’ve got a goat and some tomatoes” (Saying that in the Burt Kreischer “machine voice 100%)

Well, surely a goat and some tomatoes wouldn’t be enough to sustain a healthy grown man. I just wanted to make a point with that statement. But it’s true that I am trying to grow my own food and tend to my garden. Nature is very giving if you give it enough attention and care.

I have decided that this spring, I will get some egg-laying chickens and try to add that to my daily chores as well.

I am teasing, I envy the ability of many European working class people to tell employers the truth. We once had such strength when unions were common and strong, but since the 1980’s we’ve taken a huge step backwards.

In one of the wealthiest nations in the world, many educated people live paycheck to paycheck. It’s fun to imagine protections against arbitrary termination and people trying to control our lives simply because they want to.

I worked at a Circle K that refused to give me full time, so I found another part-time job at a restaurant, and neither was willing to consider the other schedule. Ended up working 72 hours straight on weekends for 3 months before I eventually got hired on full time at the restaurant. They both told me to quit my other job while only offering part-time.

No different in Canada

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Is your health insurance tied to employment?

Nope. Not tied to affording it either.