[meme] I fear no man

Fun fact: the best way to stop getting robocalls is not answering your phone. Over time, the software will assume your phone number is inactive and remove it from their database.

I began blocking them and flagging their content as spam. My provider, Google Fi, quickly blocks them for everyone.

First, I can relate so much.
I have a WhatsApp group with partners, and at the moment, I see it has more than 10 messages, which is way too much.
Because my brain says, “10 messages recently? They are going to write more and for a long time,” and that means my phone will warn me about the messages and vibrate. So I turn off the notifications, but then I’m afraid my parents or my sister will write me and don’t see it because I don’t want to read the +50 messages that the Group Chat has.

Surprise phone calls stress me and make me irrationally angry. If someone calls me without messaging me via text and giving me a chance to respond, I get PISSED. Once, I yelled at my dad after he blew up my Skype after I stepped away for just a few minutes, then called my phone when I didn’t answer immediately.

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Was crap on the phone at work. Still get made to do it if someone is in the toilet. Hate it; I usually take a message and be “my colleague will call you back”

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