Love my job, but I think I hate my boss

I have been at my current job well over a time, and I love the company and everyone I work with except my new director, who only started with the company many months ago. Ever since she started, I have set myself abhorring my job and no way wanting to go. It just is not the same presently. Advice?

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People don’t quit their jobs. They quit their managers.

This is too true. I just started a new job. My old one was great until I got a new manager and it just got to the point where I had to get out. It sucks feeling like if the boss was different I wouldn’t have felt like I had to leave, but hey that helped me find a new and better job, so i guess it worked out in the end

Nope I’m quitting my job. I like my manager. But the job is way to boring and I’m not doing much. But this isn’t a real job. I valet.