Legal Question: Breach of verbal agreement

Disclaimer: I understand any guidance provided is not formal legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I am simply seeking information to understand my options and legal rights better.

Hi, my name is Justine. I am posting today to ask a question.
Recently, I accepted a job offer from a new company with a good salary and a quick start date. However, on the day before I was supposed to start, the company informed me that my position was on hold due to a review of the project I was hired for. Although I was verbally offered and accepted the position, I have very little in writing to support my claim. The review process is expected to take at least a month, leaving me unemployed and uncertain about the job. The company’s HR representative has stated that the offer is not being rescinded but the start date is being postponed. I am seeking advice on how to proceed, including possibly hiring a lawyer. Any insights or tips for my next conversation with the company would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being so helpful.

  • Is this something I could take legal action on?
  • What are my rights in this situation?
  • Is there someone I should contact for assistance?

Please note that any responses should not be construed as official legal advice. I’m seeking guidance to understand my rights better and navigate this issue. Let me know if you need any clarification on my situation. Thank You!


You’d have to tell us what state you’re in, but absent special circumstances, I don’t believe job offers are binding.

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I’m in California.
What would qualify as special circumstances? Is there kind of a broad definition of what those might look like?