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What are the Dos and Don’ts of a job interview?

DO: Make sure you have some questions prepared for the inevitable “Do you have any questions for us?” Some of the questions were:

  • If I were to step into this role tomorrow, what would be my first priority?
  • What improvements do you want the new hire to bring to the role?
  • Do you like working here?
  • Do you think I’d be a good fit for this role?

I will try to find the list later. Being prepared is a very good thing for interviews.

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My Dad has been in Human Resources at a big organization for about 25 years. One of the best questions for the interviewer he ever gave me was:

“What do your best employees say about working here?”

You usually get some really interesting answers. It makes the interviewer have to think and be honest with you about the way things are going on their team. Remember, you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

I also like to ask, if I don’t know already, if the position I’m interviewing for is a new position or if it was previously held by someone else. If it was held by someone else, I always like to ask if they don’t mind explaining why the person left or is leaving. It will give you an idea of your possible career trajectory or give you some advice on what not to do if things ended badly for the other person.

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I have always asked the interviewer what their biggest challenge is working at the company. Because everyone has one, and if they say there’s nothing at all, then it’s a red flag to me. It puts the two of us on a more level plain. I’m honest, so I expect them to be honest in return.

Also a great suggestion to ask details about why the position is vacant.

My only hesitation with that is I try so hard to be respectful of whoever is in the hiring position, and I worry this question sound like I am somehow on the same level as them. They are over me in the hierarchy- who am I to ask them of sort of confide in me?

I have in the past asked the interviewer something like “How is it working here at X?” or “How long have you been working here?” If it flows into the interview it always seems to make things a lot more interactive, and most people, including the interviewer, enjoy talking about themselves.

I really don’t think that now is the time to turn down offers.

Having an extremely shitty job can be worse than having none. Besides, you can still look for a job while having one…