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So, as the title states, I’m looking for some job search advice. I’m also sure this has been asked a million times, but what is a good indicator of a good company? I’m talking about even before you take the job. I’ve been looking at positions on LinkedIn and then I use Glassdoor to get a general sense of what it’s like working for whatever company I might be interested in, and it just looks like everywhere sucks, which is bumming me out. Like low pay, no movement, lack of benefits, insane managers, no 401k/retirement plan.

I know everyone is either going to hate working or love working for a company, and no company is 100% perfect( I wish they were) So how do I make the best possible decision, when looking for new job? Are my expectations too high? Is it wrong to hold companies accountable for treating their employees well?


Firstly, it’s important to approach Glassdoor with caution. Be cautious with Glassdoor; reviews there, whether positive or negative, often come from individuals with strong emotions stemming from their work experiences.

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I’d research the company financials, LinkedIn to see how long staff stay there (tenure), and social media accounts of the company, and then try to reach out/establish contact to get a better sense.

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Yeah, that’s what I hear about Glassdoor, and the HR comment is something I didn’t think of. These are all really good points though, and great advice to keep in mind on my job journey lol. Thank you! :slight_smile:

In my experience, the hiring process can be a strong indicator of a company’s quality and work environment. If they act unprofessionally, ask inappropriate salary questions, conduct excessive interviews, or fail to ask meaningful questions about your background, these can be red flags for a challenging workplace.

I’ve come across similar advice and stories from various career and job-related groups, particularly regarding the challenging aspects of the hiring and interview process. This information is valuable as I’m currently in the research phase of my job search. I greatly appreciate the guidance you’ve provided – it’s truly helpful! Thanks! :slight_smile: