I've received numerous similar quotations. Is there anyone who can share their experiences, whether positive or negative, with the following solar companies: *

  • Perth Solar Force
  • National Renewable
  • MLEC Solar
  • Sunboost
  • Sync Energy
  • Fortune Solar

I used Solaire based in Joondalup. Exceptional pre-sale service and post-installation service. The system works as promised. No complaints from me.

I too went with Solair.

I’ve just had a system installed by them 6 days ago, set to go live with the meterbox upgrade tomorrow, so I can’t really comment on the performance of the system itself yet.

Pre-sales support however was fantastic, and the installation went smoothly. The installation staff that attended arrived promptly on time and the install looks clean and professional.

I have only good things to say about Perth Solar Force. Quality work. In house electricians do the install, most others use contractors who just want to bang the installs out ASAP to maximize dollars. Excellent after sales support. System has worked flawlessly for almost 5 years now. They were a little more costly than most of the others. Whoever you do go for make sure they are a long term local company too many fly by nights move in do a heap of shitty installs and disappear along with your support and warranty.

Northern spark electrical did mine. Didn’t have to do anything but pay at the end.

Northern suburbs here. Went with https://solarrightwa.com.au/. Brilliant pre sale service and after care. Will be getting them to put a battery on later this year.