I've been promoted to a manager position, and I'm looking for advice on how to handle the transition of managing my former peers

The previous manager of my team of 6 recently left, and I’ve been offered the position. While I’m not entirely new to management, I’d appreciate guidance specifically on how my dynamic with my team might change now that I’m their manager. I have good working relationships and consider them friends, but I’m particularly concerned about how this shift might affect the person who wanted the position. If anyone has advice to offer or can share stories of similar experiences, I’d be grateful.

From an employee’s perspective, when a coworker is promoted to a managerial role, their respect and working relationship depend on a few key factors. If you respected them before their promotion and they exhibited qualities like generosity, humility, strong work ethic, and accountability, your working relationship can improve. However, if they lack the respect of their colleagues and display poor work habits, such as avoiding responsibilities and blaming others, it can strain the relationship. In such cases, it’s essential to focus on improving working conditions for everyone involved, as spending long hours together necessitates a positive atmosphere.

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This was such thoughtful advice. Your reports are lucky :slight_smile:

I appreciate the kind words. I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some great leaders and a few horrible ones as well.