I've been on the job hunt for eight months now, and my optimism is dwindling.(MBA and Strategic Marketing Degrees.)

Hello. I typically don’t seek advice or vent online, but I’m at my wit’s end and have nowhere else to turn. I’m a 24-year-old white male. I earned a Bachelor’s in Strategic Marketing in 2021 and stayed an extra year due to COVID-19 to get a Master’s in Business Administration in 2022. Since graduating, I’ve been struggling to find work.

My last job was on-campus in 2022, which I lost upon graduating. Here’s my issue: I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs, but entry-level positions require ridiculous levels of experience, making it impossible to gain that experience. I also considered sales, but most jobs offer 100% commission, which is financially unstable. Companies have been ignoring my applications, and I tried jobs outside my field or those not requiring a degree with no success.

I’ve even applied to unexpected positions, but still no luck. It’s been over a year and a half of unemployment, and I’m feeling depressed and worthless. My family’s pressure doesn’t help, and I feel disadvantaged in the job market due to my ethnicity and gender. I’m starting to regret going to college and resent my degrees. I’m reaching out to ask for guidance, how can I change my approach to secure employment? If anyone’s been through a similar situation, how did you break out of this cycle? Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to my challenges.

Are you applying to jobs outside your area?
What has your school’s placement dept. done to help you?

Unfortunately since I graduated during the Pandemic, the jobs department didn’t do shit. I will admit my campus does have an alumni program and department that I can always go to, so I can always go there and see if they can do anything now. To answer the other question, yes, I have applied to out-of-state jobs, but sadly, unless they provide housing and/or cover gas/car expenses, I would be not making any money at the starting pay in most positions. Half of my money would be put towards those expenses in this economy, sadly. I am still looking even if they are slim pickings! Also, I live in NH, so NH doesn’t have income tax which gives me a bit more profit then my surrounding states especially taxachusetts.

Call that fuckin’ dept. and ask for some help. Make an appointment with the dept. head.

Apply for any damned job that calls for an MBA.

Look in places where you have family you might stay with until you get on your feet with the job that’s there.

You got through an MBA program in Marketing and didn’t do an internship? Go kick your academic advisor where it hurts. Someone needs to make an example of that fucker.

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I understand your frustration and plan to contact your college’s alumni department to explore potential assistance. I didn’t pursue an internship due to COVID-19 causing their cancellation during my junior and senior years, and there were no opportunities available even after I graduated. I hold no ill feelings towards my professors or advisors, as they were doing their best in a challenging situation. I was part of the first on-campus MBA program, which had some trial and error, but it was a valuable experience. Rest assured, I’ll keep applying for opportunities.

You may want to see of you can do an internship now, if you can’t find a job.