Is this a signal indicating that I should consider searching for a different job?

  1. I haven’t been assigned any shifts for two consecutive weeks.

  2. My employer is reaching out to me while I’m asleep, sending emails at 7 am and requesting me to come in for a shift from 10 am to 2 pm.

  3. There’s a lack of communication regarding the reasons behind the reduced number of shifts and the overall situation.


They may be attempting to encourage you to resign instead of having to terminate your employment, which would involve paying unemployment benefits.


You should start looking for other job opportunities, it’s advisable to resist quitting immediately and instead, wait for them to formally terminate your employment in person, which may involve providing you with a pink slip and a severance package. It’s not wise to simply wait indefinitely for them to provide you with a work schedule.

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No shifts 2 weeks in a row. So yes. I would get a new job yesterday