Is it possible for companies to manipulate online reviews on platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor? Do such practices occur?

I’d be rather naive to assume that it doesn’t happen. I’m quite certain that some organizations go to the lengths of paying individuals to write positive reviews that portray their workplace in a favorable light.

Especially when I come across reviews where the most recent ones are overwhelmingly positive, while older reviews are highly negative, it raises suspicions.

Are there any effective strategies for discerning which reviews are genuine? Do you have any tips for this?

I actually know of a former employer who suddenly had an explosion of positive reviews on Indeed, all with the same header - "Great place to work’. Then one (courageous) employee contributed a review with the header ‘Was asked to give a positive review.’ So, yes, it happens on Indeed.

It absolutely does. At my last company someone left a very frank and honest review about some bad practices and they went around handpicking people to write positive reviews or just straight up doing their own but posing as junior employees instead of the senior leadership team

Previously worked for a company that discovered their 1.5 star rating on Glassdoor, so they mandated employee reviews and we had to submit screen shots of our submissions.

If you were to look up the company now, you’d see two things:

  1. Many cookie cutter reviews that are nearly identical
  2. Many reviews that were edited after their original submission, changed from 5 to 1 star, and went into detail about the fake reviews we were forced to submit, and how incredibly shady the company is.

So TLDR, yeah this is definitely a thing. And if you ever see reviews that say a company forced them to submit a review on Glassdoor…

“Advice to management: keep doing what you’re doing!”

Should have also pointed out the increased sales was also from a smaller pool of customers since many never came back when they realized the store doesn’t have anything they need.

I understand a store may not carry certain products for their image, but if the products they do carry aren’t selling in their area and they don’t want to change why not close the store?