Is it legal for a daycare job to involve the police because I didn't show up?

Disclaimer: I understand any guidance provided is not formal legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. I am simply seeking information to understand my options and legal rights better.

I had initially planned to work at a daycare job for a month until my seasonal job, which pays $16 per hour, starts back up. However, during the interview for the daycare job, they mentioned a pay rate of $12 per hour. On my first day, I was informed that the actual pay rate is only $7.65 per hour. I decided to work there for a week to earn some pocket money, but I am already actively searching for retail jobs.

There were several red flags during my time at the daycare. Despite being 20 years old and having previous babysitting experience, I was told that there would be another person working with me to help me learn the job. However, this person only stayed for 10 minutes each morning, leaving me alone with 25 children aged 3 to 5 years old. Additionally, I was not allowed to use the bathroom throughout my 7-hour shifts, forcing me to dehydrate myself. Whenever I requested assistance from the manager to watch the kids so I could use the bathroom, she dismissed my concerns, stating that as an adult, I should have control over my body and did not need to use the bathroom.

Feeling mistreated and inexperienced, I decided not to show up for work today. To my surprise, a police officer visited me this morning, stating that the job had reported me for “child abandonment.” I explained to the officer the reasons behind my decision to leave, including how the job had lied to me and mistreated me. I am unsure of the legality of the situation, given the circumstances I described to the officer.

Please note that any responses should not be construed as official legal advice. I’m seeking guidance to understand my rights better and navigate this issue. Let me know if you need any clarification on my situation. Thank You!

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What did the cop say when you explained the situation?
I don’t think they have any legal grounds for that accusation.

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I too would like the answer to this question.

Child Abandonment laws typically only apply to parents and legal guardians. Unless the child is reported as being imminently in danger, the cops wouldn’t be handling that. They’d, at most, do a welfare check for non-emergencies. CPS would be the ones investigating that, and they’d bring an officer with them if they deemed one was needed.

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If you actually showed up for work, took responsibility for the kids, and left, then maybe, but not for just not showing up for work.
And the owner may be looking at sanctions for filing a false police report.

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This is the answer. OP had not assumed responsibility for the children, and the children are not OP’s children, meaning they had no custodial or due care obligations for the children. Therefore, they could not have abandoned the children.

unless OP is feeding us a line of bullshit and actually did work but decided to leave