Interview Advice (internal promotion)

Hi everyone,

My name is Kris,

I have an upcoming internal interview on Tuesday with our HR department, and I’m feeling quite nervous about it. While I’ve had no trouble with external interviews, this internal one is a new experience for me.

Here’s some background about myself: I’ve been with the company for approximately 1.69 years, which is longer than most employees here. During this time, I held the Tier 1 position, but in the last two weeks, I was promoted to Tier 2 and Senior Material Expert roles. I’m dedicated, loyal, and genuinely care about our company and its image. Both trainers I’ve worked with in my Senior Material Expert capacity highly recommended me. However, historically, the company hasn’t paid much attention to who is actually capable of doing the job.

Here are the issues I’m facing: My performance statistics as a Tier 1 employee are not great, and if they make hiring decisions based on those statistics, it’s unlikely that I’ll have a fair shot.

My goal is to move up within the company and advance my career. I’m seeking guidance on redirecting their focus away from my performance statistics, which could harm my chances, and instead highlight my qualities, tenure, and proven competence in my roles.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can provide.


Tenure is a weak selling point. I think your best angle is playing intangible, unmeasurable qualities.


Statistics cannot capture the depth of your dedication, your commitment to assisting others in enhancing their abilities, and your genuine enthusiasm for guiding individuals on how to excel. Witnessing someone’s growth and development is a fulfillment that transcends quantification.

I agree 100%. Thank you. I really did enjoy working with the new hires and teaching them because I just felt…idk like I had a purpose. And i liked that.

It would be beneficial for you to concentrate on your ability to engage in conversations related to training skills, such as the principles of adult learning. Be ready to discuss your prior training experiences, including the topics you covered, your preparation process, and any training materials you’ve developed that you can present to the interviewer. Emphasize the valuable skills you can offer to the position.

Should’ve mentioned this but outside of being a trainer assistant basically, I have 0 experience. Brand spanking new. Haha.

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Maintain a high level of enthusiasm and positivity during the interview, with a particular emphasis on the training you provided to new hires. If the topic of experience comes up, express your willingness to learn and grow, acknowledging that there may be room for improvement, but you’re excited to contribute to the company’s success. Best of luck!

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