I'm not at ease with the idea of participating in a recorded job interview using my laptop. Is it acceptable to consider canceling the interview?

Selfridges has requested that I engage in a one-way job interview where there won’t be anyone on the other end responding to my responses. They want me to answer questions on a webcam. I find this process highly uncomfortable. It would be more reassuring if I were engaging in a live conversation with an interviewer, but this feels impersonal since it’s all pre-recorded. I can’t help but feel that they are showing a lack of interest in their candidates by not conducting live interviews. I’m accustomed to a more formal setting where I meet with my potential boss and have the opportunity to ask questions. This approach seems somewhat discourteous.

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It isn’t an interview. It’s an audition for an interview.

I’ve refused to do these types of interviews, and I email them letting them know why I’m refusing. If you’re desperate, I understand, you do what you gotta do, but I hope that if enough of us just keep refusing, this shit won’t spread.

Interviews are a two-way process; they ask you questions, and you ask them as well. They don’t have respect for you as an applicant, they wouldn’t respect you as an employee.
You should cancel, but let them know that one-way interviews are disrespectful and dehumanizing.

I agree with you. Interviews should be a 2-way strret. This does not give you any way to get visual feedback on how you are doing, nor does it allow you to ask questions in return. I would take a hard pass.

My work did this and the person who did really on this interview but the in person interview was bad. But the person who did poorly on the recorded did amazing in the in person interview. They do these to try filtering out people but honestly I dunno how useful it is