I'm launching a community for first-time managers seeking peer advice, practical tips, and best practices

As a new manager myself (with 1.5 years of experience and five direct reports), I’ve spent a lot of time researching and seeking guidance on how to be an effective leader for my team. However, I’ve encountered a lot of advice that’s either ineffective, potentially problematic (like encouraging micromanagement), or too general, focusing more on general career advice than specific management insights.

I’ve also noticed a lack of resources tailored to those who are just beginning their management journey. People who have been in management roles for a while tend to forget the challenges newcomers face. Connecting with peers at a similar career stage can be far more valuable.

Starting out as a manager is often characterized by uncertainty and many questions. However, turning to your own boss for help can sometimes make you feel incompetent in your new role. Furthermore, once you have your own team, you must navigate new dynamics when dealing with company leadership, which is another learning curve. Essentially, you’re trying to learn how to manage your team while also managing up effectively.

I’ve attended several leadership development group meetings, but they didn’t quite meet my needs. I believe I’m not the only one facing this challenge, so I’m considering launching a community where fellow new managers like me can connect and share knowledge. Sometimes, simply having the opportunity to chat with others facing similar challenges and knowing you’re not alone can be immensely helpful.

So, my question is: Would you find a community dedicated to first-time managers valuable? If so, what kind of support and resources would you like to see in this community?

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just a heads up, if you’re looking for the advice manager tools, it is killer, and if you are a paid subscriber, their forums are solid, but I generally don’t need much more than their podcasts which are free.

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ok awesome, thanks for the reply! Will check it out. Listen to a lot of podcasts so sounds up my alley.

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You’ll get a lot out of it. Start with the hall of fame podcasts and then bounce around.

I think it’s cool that you are trying to launch a community for first-time managers, especially peer-driven ones. There are not a lot of management-specific communities out there. But my advice would be to focus on the positive and remember that the underlying message is about building a solid foundation for your team. Keep in mind how you were when you were just starting, and try to offer helpful advice so that others can avoid common pitfalls. Take advantage of valuable apps like Connecteam, the best tool for first-time managers.

I’m starting my first managerial job soon in a little independent coffee shop. I filled out your form

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Linked In has some amazing training videos regarding leadership/management that I have found to be very helpful.

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Do you mean vids that LinkedIn the company has put out themselves or ones individuals have posted on there? Any ones in particular that you’d recommend?

Videos that LinkedIn has published.The organization I work for created learning pathways for us employees so I am not sure if that specific pathway would be accessible to you, and I am unsure if these resources are free to just anyone but try searching linkedin.com/learning and you can search by topic, i.e. Management and Leadership, and narrow down what it is you are looking for.

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gotcha, thanks again!