I'm facing some challenges in providing compelling responses to a couple of very common interview questions

The first question I struggle with is, “What’s your most significant professional achievement?” I acknowledge that this question can vary based on personal perspectives. Still, considering my background in retail and the position I’m interviewing for as an emergency dispatcher, I wonder if I should provide a different type of answer. In retail, dealing with difficult customers is a routine occurrence and isn’t particularly memorable.

The other question that’s giving me pause is, “What is your biggest weakness?” While I do recognize that everyone possesses weaknesses, I’m reluctant to divulge something that could potentially harm my prospects. I value honesty, but I genuinely believe I am well-suited for this job, and I don’t want to inadvertently diminish my prospects.

I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions, as landing this job would significantly increase my income and improve my overall quality of life.

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Give a specific answer. Provide some details.

Pick a weakness that is COMPLETELY unrelated to your job. ex: A math teacher who doesn’t know how to change the oil in a car.
If you give a weakness directly related to your job, they’ll use it against you.
Oh, and trying to spin the “weakness is a strength” won’t work either.

If you don’t have any one experience to recount, talk about something overall. For instance, you need to stay calm, focused, and on task to be an emergency dispatcher. You can tell them about how your ability to deal with multiple crises has dramatically improved throughout your time in retail.

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Thank You all for your advice.