I hate eating lunch with colleagues

I hate having lunch with my colleagues. I consider my lunch break as a genuine opportunity for peace and solitude. I prefer not to dine with them, engage in conversation, or join them while they have their lunch and cigarette break. I simply want to enjoy some quiet time and browse my phone for a while.

I’m wondering if I’m curious if I’m the sole individual experiencing these emotions. Is this an unusual preference? I’m concerned that if I start eating alone, it might be perceived as odd by my colleagues.

How can I begin having solitary lunches without causing any major disruptions or drawing attention?


If you can, leave the building.

Lunch in your car

Lunch in a nearby Park

Lunch in a nearby Cafe

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There’s no nearby park or cafe/restaurant. I could eat in the car but our parking lot is small and there’s always people around. I think people would see me eating in the car and think I’m weird…

Yeah, I used to sit in my car and just put up with people thinking I was weird :joy:

Used to have an alarm clock so I could have a ‘mid day nap’ as well :sunglasses:

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Who cares what they think.


I used to nap in my car during work and I know people saw. Who cares if they think it’s weird, do what you want!

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