I endured a dreadful job interview that lasted for an hour

Hi, everyone, I wanted to share my recent interview experience.

Towards the end, the interviewer casually mentioned, “By the way, this position only pays $30,000, so if you’re seeking something better-paying, you might want to explore other options.” I responded, “Alright, I’ll do that.” He then seemed surprised and said, "Wait, no!

Even though some time has passed since this occurred, I still find the interaction quite amusing.

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Lol. If I post a job for $30,000 and you show up on time and aren’t currently stoned; not only are you hired, but you’re underpaid.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Jack Dee jokes about interviewing for a job as a London Subway driver:
You could make a good impression by showing up late and then not moving a muscle for two hours

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We were in Thailand a few months ago and calculated how much it would cost to live in a luxury apartment in the heart of Bangkok. Even on the American minimum wage, we would live like kings.

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Americans are doing that in Mexico and on a small scale Portugal currently and its absolutely the economy for the local people who have lived there for generations.

New colonialism just dropped.

I mean it’s just gentrification.

Turns out gentrification was just internal colonialism

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