I approached a colleague, and now I'm experiencing anxiety because of it

I am not a confronting person. Nor do I like conflicts. I try to avoid them as much as I can. But this time, I just couldn’t.

I’m the only intern in a unique workplace, and I’m generally fine with taking on additional tasks. However, a situation with a colleague named K has caused some anxiety. K consistently assigned me last-minute grunt work, which I tolerated. The most significant issue occurred when my parents planned to visit the workplace, which resembles an art gallery. I was informed by a coworker, C, that employees’ parents could enter for free. To ensure everything went smoothly, I consulted a senior, P, who was relatively new and unsure of the protocol. P asked K for clarification, and K falsely claimed that I needed tickets for my parents.

This misinformation made me anxious and emotional because it was essential to me that my parents enjoyed their visit. After my manager confirmed that no tickets were required, I proceeded with the visit. Later, when I discussed the situation with C, she was outraged and claimed that K had known about the free entry policy since her own parents had entered without tickets. This led me to confront K in front of the core team, where she immediately denied saying what she did. However, P confirmed that K had given incorrect information despite her denial.

Now, I’m feeling anxious about the confrontation and uncertain about how to proceed in this situation.

Maybe K thought you’d need tickets cause you’re an intern and not a full-time, permanent employee? Idk, when I was an intern, many full-time perks didn’t apply to me.

Yes, it’s rather perplexing that when I initially questioned her, she promptly denied any involvement, stating she didn’t say it. Moreover, she later tried to justify her denial by suggesting she believed P and I were discussing a different individual.

In every industry, there’s inevitably some drama and pettiness. When you’re in a lower position, it’s often wise not to create too much disruption. Now, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, feeling anxious about future interactions. In hindsight, it’s possible that speaking up may not have been the best course of action.

Yeah, I get it. I will be careful from hereon. That’s the most I can do now.