I applied to 300 jobs. I am still unemployed

Hello everyone,

My name is Peter, and I am seeking for an advice.

I’ve been on the job hunt since I graduated and I have to admit, it’s been a tougher journey than I anticipated. It’s been about three months now, and I’m diligently applying for positions every single day. I’ve been working hard to fine-tune my resume and cover letters, but it feels like I’m not making much progress.

Out of the 300 applications I’ve submitted, I’ve only received callbacks for 6 interviews, which translates to a mere 2% interview rate. And of those 6 interviews, only 2 have progressed to a second round, resulting in a 0.67% second interview rate. It sometimes feels like I’m playing the lottery instead of trying to land a job.

I’ve been using job search platforms like Glassdoor, Monster, and LinkedIn, and I’ve also sought advice on my resume from various sources, all of whom have given it their stamp of approval.

But here’s the kicker: The only job offers I’ve received so far have been for positions as a cashier at a local store and a part-time delivery driver. It’s a bit disheartening, and I’m looking for any guidance or insights that might help me navigate this situation.


Idk if this helps, but the job I got was number 260, something of like 275 I applied to. If you’ve got any relevant projects that you can mention in applications that would potentially help

Thanks for the advice. Maybe I am one application away from a job. Also, I have 3 coding projects on my resume that I can talk about to the employer.

Sometimes that’s all it is. I sent out hundreds upon hundreds of applications, local and remote, for IT related roles. I eventually landed a job working at an arcade fixing machines and games, where many IT skills and knowledge come to use. I was just about to throw in the towel too. And now that I’m working again places won’t stop bugging me to apply for them. If I can do it you can too! Just don’t give up.

If you like writing code have you considered working as a data analyst or business analyst? (Or other kind of analyst?) Those roles require some statistics and some programming skills, typically Excel, but sometimes Python, and sometimes dashboard software. I am a data scientist, which is like double majoring in statistics and programming. If you’re really good at the modeling side and like that sort of thing working as a data analyst is a path to becoming a data scientist.

Same here. Land my first job around this number. Also find job through connection has much much higher chance. Good luck!