How a boss feels when a worker has an outside hobby or something to go home to:


He doesn’t act tough or aggressive enough to be a boss.

The new boss is sly, and strategic, and tends to express hostility indirectly through passive-aggressive behavior.

Emphasis on “passive-aggressive”. Neo-Boss is a total coward-zombie

meh, not all of them. sometimes it’s someone three steps up the org chart that is that guy and boss you have to interact with is just dealing with the same shit you are and getting paid better for it.


Is that boss the analog of when a slave turned into an overseer?

Literally the same idea

I’m low-level management. My job, from my perspective, is to take the shit sandwich from my boss, eat most of it, add some ketchup, and somehow convince my crew to eat what’s left.

I once had a boss who would not hire individuals he believed had significant commitments or distractions outside of work. Eventually, I walked out on that job. No regrets.