Has anyone managed to secure a job they were either considered "overqualified" or "underqualified" for? I completed my bachelor's degree in May, and I've been facing challenges finding employment that matches my skill level

My work experience is limited:

  • I interned with a non-profit three years ago, where I handled clerical tasks like data entry and managed volunteer recruitment.
  • I worked in an on-campus role for three years, assisting new students in adjusting to college life and planning student events. I eventually became a team leader.
  • Currently, I’m in a temporary AmeriCorps position, but I’m actively seeking something more permanent due to a poor fit and the need for higher income (even a part-time job at $12/hr would be an improvement).

I’ve begun applying for full-time and part-time positions, but I’m struggling to get noticed by potential employers. I’ve applied for roles like receptionist at clinics, hospitals, and colleges, as well as positions such as dietary aide, bookstore clerk, and bank teller. I believe that a wage range of $11-15/hr is reasonable in my area for these positions.

While I lack experience in cash handling and food service, I’m enthusiastic about learning. I initially received advice from some individuals at my college to make my resume as comprehensive as possible, with font size 10 and 0.5-inch margins, and even extending to two pages. However, after consulting with a friend, I’ve condensed it to one page with size 12 font and 1-inch margins, including only three bullet points per position.

Despite applying since October, I haven’t received any callbacks, and many employers advise against contacting them due to the high volume of applications they receive.

Could anyone provide advice on navigating the job search when you find yourself either overqualified or underqualified for most positions?

This is a common problem when graduating - for the most part, a degree (especially a non-specialized one) doesn’t necessary land you a better starting job, but does help you move up quicker.

You’ll most likely want to make your resume emphasize your soft skills, especially ones that your interested job says would be required.

You’re more than welcome to PM me. I started with a communications degree, and can help you tailor your resume a little.