Had a really rude interviewer today. Similar experiences anyone?

I’m a 22-year-old woman who has consistently trained at the gym for over four years, and I believe I’m in good shape (often receiving comments from both men and women about my physique). I’m currently working towards obtaining my personal trainer qualification, so I began applying for jobs in that field and secured an interview with a well-known gym group.

During the interview, the interviewer made derogatory comments about my body type, suggesting that my more slender, feminine physique was only suitable for yoga and Pilates and that no clients would trust me to be their trainer. He also repeatedly conveyed that my contributions to the company would be minimal, and my compensation would reflect that, but they were willing to “give me a try” and offered me the job.

This experience left me feeling disheartened. Despite four years of dedicated effort, it seems I don’t fit the stereotypical image of a “personal trainer.” Additionally, the interviewer persisted in asking about my background, noting that I appeared to have a Latina ethnicity. I found it challenging to contribute to the conversation, which has led me to reconsider if I’ve made the correct career choice.


Had one interviewer for an engineering sales role say as soon as I entered the room : ‘don’t sit down I’ve been forced to interview 60 applicants for this role, you’d be better off selling fruit’.
‘That’s a shame’ I said, ‘I’ve booked a day off work for this and I’m not wasting it’.
Took the seat and made him sit there in uncomfortable silence for half an hour :rofl::crazy_face:

Right career, wrong employer. This is toxic. Thank God he revealed it during the interview and not a month into your employment.


Yep, he is getting you used to disappointment and setting the bar low—red flags.

You are not the problem. He was terribly unprofessional. He also probably violated company policy. Even if they sweeten their offer after you decline, I’d be hesitant to work there. I suggest moving on…

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You did not choose the wrong career path. He did. Keep your head up and look for a better company.