For a recent graduate, is it more advisable to pursue opportunities with medium-sized companies or large corporations?

Hello everyone,
I’ve recently received two job offers, one from a medium-sized company with around 60 employees and another from a large corporation, both in the field of systems and control engineering.

The medium-sized company role aligns well with my interests, involving work on naval and submarine systems, and allowing me to work on a broader range of tasks as a systems engineer. This position offers the opportunity to wear multiple hats and gain experience across the entire engineering cycle. However, it would require me to relocate to a different city.

On the other hand, the big corporation job primarily focuses on software aspects and has limited exposure to hardware, with a specific focus on the oil and gas industry. Additionally, I’d be living with my parents, which provides financial stability.

I’m seeking advice on which opportunity would be more valuable for my future employability. Should I opt for the medium-sized company role, where I can gain diverse experience, or start my career at the big corporation, which offers financial stability but with a narrower focus?


When you’re entering the workforce, it’s essential to prioritize opportunities for learning. Consider which manager you have a stronger connection with and whether either company offers a well-established mentorship program. These are important questions to contemplate. Keep in mind that certain companies have cultures that expect new hires to “sink or swim,” which might not be ideal for individuals with limited experience.

I felt more connected with the management at the medium-sized company. They were open to me taking work home for learning, offered to enroll me in specific training, and allowed me to wear multiple hats.

In contrast, the large corporation didn’t mention such opportunities. Their interview focused on assessing my personality and alignment with their values, and the role mainly involved standard work in a corporate setting, primarily in the oil and gas sector.

Ideally, I’d prefer a medium-sized company where I can have a more personal connection with my employer and not just be another employee.

In my opinion, larger companies make it more challenging to distinguish oneself from one’s colleagues.