Do others share my sentiment that LinkedIn is overrated for job searching?

It seems that LinkedIn is often hailed as a crucial tool for job seekers, but I personally find it somewhat overrated and have encountered more downsides than benefits:

  • Concerns about privacy are prevalent.
  • The website’s performance is consistently slow and laggy.
  • Job recommendations frequently miss the mark.
  • Numerous job postings turn out to be spam or scams.
  • Without investing time in optimizing a profile, it doesn’t attract many views.
  • Many recruiters tend to be unproductive.
  • The main feed is flooded with posts that lack value.
  • Companies often seem disinterested in hiring individuals who use the “Easy Apply” feature.
  • It seems to have become what Facebook was years ago.

Do you share the view that LinkedIn is no longer as effective for job searching as it once was?

I just use it as a resume hosting medium and switch to hibernate when I’m not searching. It’s really just good for showing an employer that looks you up that you’re a real person, and if you have endorsements under your experiences, then there’s a higher chance it’s not BS. I’ve noticed that I get more responses now that I built my profile out versus before.
Except for that, the entire platform is a cringe, corporate-shilling circle jerk.

yup. Fully ignore the social media part and use it solely for job hunting. Perfectly fine.

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I mostly remember it from the days when they hijacked people’s emails and sent out marketing messages pretending to be from their users, without permission.

Recruiters on LinkedIn aren’t looking for people who think a job might be fun or people that think they might be good at a job. They’re looking for people that have significant proven experience with the tasks on the job description they’re looking to fill, and ideally those who can show solid accomplishments that go beyond essential job functions.