Different titles at a job on resume

Hello, I’m seeking guidance on resume writing when it comes to describing titles held at different times within a single job.

For instance, I worked with an employer for a total of 3 years. Around 6 months into my tenure, I received a promotion, but there were no additional responsibilities involved; it was primarily a title adjustment.

Would it be considered unethical if I present on my resume that I held the promoted title throughout the entire three years, or would it be preferable to distinguish between the two titles and their respective time periods?

Promotions are a good thing… even though it’s not really an expansion of duties. I’ve seen the job broken down, but the problem with that is at a quick scan half paying attention it can give the sense of job hopping. I’d use the final title, and in the bullet points beneath include the phrase “promoted from a to b 6 months after starting” which then highlights that you received a promotion and reflects well on you.

Were the unchanged duties ones that were in the original job description or would it be fair to say that you took on more than hired for so your title was adjusted/you were promoted to accommodate those additional duties?

Yes, the descriptions were almost identical. Just one level had more responsibility but not a substantial amount more. The duties didn’t really change at all, just the title is more desirable in future job searches.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If it was a title correction just use the last title. Titles don’t mean that much, and job descriptions vary widely.

Perfect! Thank you :slight_smile: