Data Science career advice & mentoring

I have a background in data science that goes back to before it was even called that. Over time, I’ve seen how the field has evolved, and now I work as a Director of Data Science at a retail company. I also have experience working for a successful blockchain company during the days when bitcoin was valued at $1000. Recently, I’ve been helping my friends who are interested in data science by providing advice and guidance that has helped them successfully get hired at top companies. However, I’m now wondering if I should expand my help to others outside of my personal network. If you’re seeking mentoring or career advice to break into the industry, I’m happy to lend a hand.


What are you opinions on Data Science vs SWE? There’s seems to be 2 schools of thought.

The business intelligence unit is not a close to the business revenue generation and as such is second in value (and salary).

Companies can send the development side of the business overseas and outsource it for a lower cost, core data needs cannot be and so can command a higher local salary and value.

Just curious what you are seeing or think is more accurate.


Well data for most startups is a second class citizen until they realize they need to optimize then they spend tons of money getting it up to speed. Data professionals definitely command more money, but there is definitely more unknowns in the space.


It depends strongly on which companies you’re looking at. Big tech has compensation posted to levels. FYI, typically “data scientists” and “data engineers” get 80% the comp of a same-level “software engineer”, while AI research heavy or ML engineer roles are paid more but get rolled under the “software engineer” title

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Data engineers don’t get 80% of total comp. Where are you pulling these numbers from???

Glassdoor figures tend not to include stock, bonus. But they are accurate for non big tech. I had big tech in mind when I wrote it.