Assistance needed; I've unintentionally accepted two jobs simultaneously

(In the same week, I received a job offer from a smaller restaurant on Monday, which I had initially accepted to start the following Monday. On Friday, I had an interview at a larger, more reputable restaurant with better benefits. Following a second interview, I received a job offer from this second place on Saturday, offering a higher hourly wage plus an additional $0.50 for each new position I learn, as well as perks like monthly wine tastings, dental and vision coverage, and a dollar-for-dollar 401k match. The orientation for the second job is scheduled for the upcoming Friday, with a start date on the following Monday.

Both job offers are for full-time positions, and I now face a dilemma. While I appreciate the opportunity from the first restaurant, I’m leaning towards taking the second offer due to its better compensation and benefits. However, working both jobs simultaneously is not a viable option for me as I highly value my free time and mental well-being, and working both morning (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and night (4 p.m. to 11 p.m.) shifts would likely lead to burnout.

To handle this situation delicately, I need to inform the first restaurant about my decision without damaging relationships, especially with the head chef. Additionally, I also need to communicate with my family, who may suggest taking both jobs, that I cannot realistically commit to an 80-hour workweek.


Simply inform them that you’ve received a higher-paying offer with additional benefits. Don’t be overly concerned about burning bridges, especially if they have a history of staff turnover due to wage issues. If your family is enthusiastic about you working multiple jobs, you can mention that you’re aware of another restaurant that is currently hiring.

Yeah, just tell them. And if they keep losing people to others that pay better, they’ll eventually figure it out… or they won’t and they’ll close. Either way, that’s a them problem.

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The first place is obviously not as competitive with pay, they just lost someone because of it and are about to lose another candidate due to being non-competitive.

You tell the first place ASAP you got a better offer and won’t be able to work for them, that you’re sorry if you caused any inconvenience, and then you move on with your life.