As an introverted person, how can I effectively promote myself?

Hello everyone,

I was only able to secure an internship through connections, not my own abilities, and I have realized the importance of building a network. However, I struggle to maintain a professional persona for long periods of time and engaging in small talk drains me.

I envy those who are able to effortlessly make conversation, and I feel discouraged when attempting to do the same.

What strategies or advice do you have for becoming a more engaging communicator, especially with those who do not share similar interests?


You might need to make a more proactive effort to connect with others. If you continue at your current pace, as you’ve described, you may risk becoming obsolete unless you become more significant.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll try doing this.


Talk to someone above you, your direct “supervisor”, or someone there who treats you like a person. Ask them what you can do to be relevant to what they (rest of office, or within your sphere) need. Maybe they can help you with it. Maybe you need to work somewhere else