Are there any other legal job hunt websites besides indeed?

I swear to God, INDEED IS SO TRASH I’ve wasted a ridiculous time applying to every job out there that it makes me worried. Please, if anyone knows
I’ll be so thankful because zip recruiter and simply hire are way worse since there are tons of fucking fiddle jobs.

It is an unpopular opinion sometimes, but LinkedIn seems to be sort of okay still. I am in agreement both Indeed, and ZipRecruiter have gone downhill.

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Agreed! Tech companies heavily use LinkedIn to recruit and post jobs in addition to their career page on their website

I’ll get direct messages from companies asking for me to apply, I’ll apply, and then they NEVER get back to me. It is absolute hell

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LinkedIn, but sometimes the jobs get so much competition it’s annoying.

Glassdoor and LinkedIn for searching and apply through company website. Both have an “Easy Apply” option that makes applying easier but is also more competitive.
I consult Glassdoor for almost any position I apply to because it shows either employer provided or Glassdoor estimates of salary. Which is better than nothing.

I used LinkedIn to secure my current job that’s to start on the 20th. That said, I had a better response rate from the postings that made you apply on the employer’s website. I think it weeds out lazy people.

Always apply via the company’s website if at all possible. Skip the recruiters and 3rd party sites.